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The entire purpose of the Nexus is for you to get involved and share your story with the world. We believe that conservation comes in many forms and we want to share as many different stories as we can. Email us at to submit your conservation story and we’ll publish it here on the Nexus.

What we’re looking for in a submission

We love hearing about conservation and nature in all their myriad forms so don’t be shy in the sort of stories you submit. We publish conservation stories and species profiles as well as opinion pieces on policy and management, information regarding ongoing projects or new ideas and many other things besides. Whatever story you want to tell, send it over to and we’ll get it published. All we need from you before your story goes live is the information below:

1) Author Information: We display your work along with whatever information you want to go with it. All we need to have is a name/nickname/alias to go with your work but we’ll publish a short bio of up to 100 words if you’d like us to. This can include a link to a blog or website if you want. We will never publish your email address or any other contact information unless you expressly wish us to do so. If you’re concerned about anything, just drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to help!

2) Referencing: This will depend entirely upon the type of piece you’re submitting. Obviously all you budding travel writers out there don’t need to reference as you go! The main rule to follow is that if you are referring to a scientific paper, or somebody else’s work, put a superscript number in the text like this -> 1  and leave a reference and/ or a hyperlink at the bottom of the article.

Fledgling Stories

Age is absolutely no barrier when it comes to caring about nature! We want to hear from everyone interested in looking after the natural world so if you’ve got a story to tell, share it with us and let everyone know what you’ve been up to!

Calling all photographers!

Do you have a flickr profile or a portfolio of some sort? Let us know and we would love to interview you for our photography section. In return we will display a link to your gallery for an entire month.

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