By the River by Deborah Freeman

By The River

My heart beats faster as I approach.

By Deborah Freeman

I try not to step on them,

Somehow it feels disrespectful,

But there are so many.


The pungent smell of decaying salmon,

Eyes missing,

A delicacy in the gull world.


But it is the gulls that I hear first.

Their cacophony

Creates my excitement.


The bears come.

The fish dangle from their mouths,

Like Christmas ornaments,

Red and shimmery.


The eagles come

Young and old,

The calls, the calls,

the haunting calls.


They line the trees, more than I can count,

more than I see,

blended into the trees,

hiding behind craggy branches.


What’s going on

by the river today?


A banquet with important guests

-Deborah Freeman

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